Wild Oak Saddle Club | The Clubhouse
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Wild Oak’s clubhouse was built in 1930 as the ranch home of an historic ranch, and dedicated in honor of the Club’s first president, Henry Trione, in 2009. Its driveway signals the entrance to a singular destination as visitors pass the bronze horse and enter the grounds. The clubhouse has been refigured as a series of intimate spaces to serve members and their guests, and the entry features a casual living area for quiet talks or saying hello to new friends.


Great food, drink, and conversation are always available in the spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, which afford sweeping views of Hood Mountain and the polo field. On summer weekends, Club members can thrill to hoof-pounding polo matches while savoring brunch, a favorite drink, and hanging out with friends.


The oak-studded lawns and grounds surrounding the historic building convey the charm of a secret garden. The old bunkhouse of the original ranch has been transfigured into an event space. Close by is the Club’s open-air barbecue, fire pit, and bocce ball court where members gather for lively conversations far into warm summer evenings. Slightly further from the clubhouse are the tennis courts and swimming pool.


Bordering the Club’s perimeter is evidence of its equestrian pedigree. A portion of the large tree-shaded parking lot, designated for horse trailers only and often in use, adjoins a number of pens, corrals, and water troughs to welcome riders and their mounts on a day-use basis.