Wild Oak Saddle Club | Our Story
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In 1975, local businessman Henry Trione and his friends bought five acres of land adjacent to the new Trione-Annadel State Park that Trione helped create. They opened the doors to the old ranch property as a place to get away with their buddies to swap lies, play poker, drink whiskey, and ride horses. The club soon became home base to men who worked hard, played hard, and wanted a place to loosen up far from daily cares. Trione served as the club’s first president.


But within five years, the club began to evolve from its roughrider roots to reflect broader interests. In 1980, the first women became members and the club soon boasted fine dining, tennis courts and a swimming pool. Dozens of annual special events revealed varied tastes and a changing social landscape.


But beneath the surface of today’s gracious grounds and exceptional service, the core values of the club remain. Forty-five years after horsemen first gathered beneath wild oaks, the club retains the spirit originally envisioned by Henry Trione and his friends: an extension of home, where friends gather to create fun and fellowship, and to celebrate life.