Wild Oak Saddle Club | Club Life
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Wild Oak Saddle Club members relish both active and leisurely fun. Those original members who first laid claim to the clubhouse were active men who loved their trail rides, polo, and the great outdoors. But they also loved to sit together telling stories while they sipped some whiskey, staring at a campfire in the tranquil beauty surrounding them. With a full calendar of activities, plus 5,000 acres of parkland adjoining the Club, members can enjoy a broad spectrum of ways to spend their time.



Members can now enjoy our new bocce ball court. This version of Italian outdoor bowling is an enjoyable pastime for players of all ages.


1431398476_sport-shoes ACTIVITIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS

Members appreciate the full schedule of activities at the Club. The calendar includes spectacular live entertainment, holiday festivities, specially prepared dinners, art classes, and a variety of everyday entertainments to please every interest. During the polo season, members have the best seats in the house and can enjoy a drink or meal on the outside dining patio as ponies sprint past during thrilling fast-paced games. On the weekends, members can treat themselves to a delicious brunch on our outside dining deck. Finally, a day spent at the pool can be an event unto itself; cool off with a plunge and spend the warm summer evening playing bocce ball with close friends.


1431398435_mountain HIKING/BIKING

Hikers and bikers can enjoy over 40 miles of trails through a variety of terrain that includes meadows, woodlands, and seasonal streams. The Club will provide trail maps on request.


1431398068_tennis TENNIS & PICKLEBALL

Members enjoy the club’s two regulation tennis courts. Weekly-scheduled games are played four mornings per week, and the courts are available for open play the rest of the time. Periodic tennis tournaments highlight the court schedule. The tennis courts are also marked for pickleball, which is a fun activity for all ages. We have a Shutterfly site for schedule information. You will need to have an account on this site – if you are interested in joining, please contact Lori.

Shutterfly Tennis

Shutterfly Pickleball


1431398536_water SWIMMING

Surrounded by gardens and featuring views of the nearby mountains, the pool is a focal point for family fun and is also available for private parties and celebrations.