Wild Oak Saddle Club | Club Founder Henry Trione Mourned
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Club Founder Henry Trione Mourned

Members of Wild Oak Saddle Club joined all of Sonoma County in mourning the recent death of Henry F. Trione whose footprint is so indelibly outlined in the soil of Sonoma County. Long a leader of the county’s business and economy, Trione was a self made man who bought and sold numerous businesses and contributed to the community through shrewd business acumen and grand philanthropic contributions while maintaining a modest, down to earth demeanor. One of his most treasured accomplishments was his role in saving the land that became Annadel State Park in the late 1960s. In 1975, Henry and 125 of his friends, carved out a piece of land directly adjacent to the park and founded the Wild Oak Saddle Club where the order of the day good talk, good friends and good horses.


According to current club president Kevin Konicek:   “One thing Henry created was just for fun. A joyful place where he could linger and laugh – eating, drinking, horseback riding, singing, dancing, swimming, playing with his family and all the rest of us. Let’s never forget that creating joy is what he preferred for Wild Oak Saddle Club.”

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